Vanessa’s Needlepoint & Knitting Shoppe is one of the largest suppliers of needlework and knitting necessities on the San Franciso Peninsula, located in Downtown San Mateo.


We offer everything for needlepoint and knitting:

Custom Finishing Services
Drop-In Lessons
One-On-One Assistance
Open Workshop During All Store Hours

Vanessa’s has needlepoint and knitting classes for beginners through advanced students. We’ll even help you custom finish your work.

What’s happening!?

  • Our advance knitting classes are open, hurry up before our seats run out.
  • Too much estrogen and not enough manly supplies on your gift shop? Join us and our partner and we’ll inspire you with our selection of manly cool things to buy.
  • Getting ready for the winter sale.
  • Site revamped and excited for the reopening.

Some people visit us just for fun and meet new people while others just to buy their supplies, regardless of your reason our shop is here to help you out!